Sunday, August 20, 2006

All about Me

You know a little about me already. But just in case you don't, here is the official autobiography. (synopsised notes)

  • I am fourteen (count them!) - fourteen years old. Since April. My lady marks my birthday. She doesn't do anything wild or frivolous on the day. But she always says My, my Trixie, imagine, another year. Remember the day we came to the kennels to get you? You were so tiny... and stuff like that.
  • My health is good. I'm not on any medication (apart from the twice-yearly treatment for know... parasites... ugh). This is quite remarkable in a dog my age. Everything these days is "considering her age"
  • My diet is remarkably boring. Good, but boring. I used to be allowed treats of all kinds - bits of biscuit, fat from a pork chop, even chocolate at times, but then, my digestion became a bit sensitive, and it was decided to restrict my food to just the Dog-Food stuff. It's ok. It's tasty. She rings the changes by offering Rabbit or Duck or chicken flavour. But it's not chocolate. Know what I mean? Mind you, my digestion's improved hugely, and I'm ... ahem... very regular, "considering her age"
  • I like: Sunshine. Love sleeping in sunshine. There's a certain day when the spring turns round towards summer, and I climb to the top of the garden, and I could just sit there in the sun all day. My lady always notices, and takes it as a sign of summer coming. Tummy-Rubs, Ear-rubs, general lovin' and rubbin' I'm not fussy about where it comes from. If you're willing to give me some attention, I'm willing to receive it. Cabbage-stalks. Who knew they were so delicious? I don't get bones any more, but these are a decent substitute. One fell to the floor while my lady was cooking. She thought it was cute the way I hauled it away to bury it in my bed, and left me have another. She figures there's vitamins in there. I just like the chew. Visitors. Known people, strangers, anyone with feet to sniff. Bonus is if they're willing to give above mentioned tummy-rubs, etc. Extra bonus if they're here to eat. Some visitors don't know about the restrictions on my diet. It's always worth sitting under the table looking hopeful, just in case. Walks. This topic deserves a post all of its own. Yes, indeedy!
  • I don't like.... You knew there had to be something I don't like, didn't you? Well, I don't like: The car. I hate it. I've never liked it. Never appreciated being in it. Maybe there was some trauma or misunderstanding when I was really young, maybe my excitement just got transferred into panic. I don't know. But a journey of any length - in a box, or on a lap makes no difference. It's torture to me. Please only put me in the car if you really, really, really have to. Lamb flavoured tinned dog-food. I like pouches of lamb flavour (yum), but they do something to the tins - yuck. There was a day when we were all out, and lamb was all there was, and she said "It's good food. Eat it" and I thought YOU EAT IT, but she didn't and she waited and waited, and I wouldn't eat it, and eventually I ate some of the dry biscuit-food that's always around, and she said "You must really hate that lamb food. I'll never buy it again" And she hasn't. Having my nails clipped, and anything done to my face. Necessary evils. Uck, Uck. Uck. And finally, I am a dog. I may be smaller than many of them, but I can still chase one, so it goes without saying, that I don't like (I know you may like them, but what can I say?), I really don't like CATS.

Do you have questions for me? I'd be happy to answer.

I said I had a lot to say

So, I said to her, Well?
and she said to me, Well, What?
and I said to her, What's today's topic?
and she said to me, Today's topic for what?
and I said, You know, the Blog thing.
and she said, OH, that was just a one-off for you. It's my blog. You don't have to do any more on that. It was just for Sunday Scribblings

And I said, Ohhhh. I see. I'm not needed any more, is that it?
and she said, It's not that. It's just that it's my blog, you see. Not your blog. Go back to sleep.

So I did for a little while,
and then I got to thinking,
I liked getting to share a bit of my life with people.
She told me there were people who liked hearing what I had to say
So why can't I have a blog?

So I woke up, and I said
Why can't I have a blog?