Friday, December 08, 2006

Maybe it's because it's winter....

Maybe it's because it's winter now, and often there are gales and horrible cold wet rain outside, but I'm feeling less and less inclined to spend more than the essential time out-doors (you know what I'm talking about), and more and more time snuggled on the couch. Where in the summer, I'd lie down near, but not right up on my Lady, well, now, if I can manage to make her book, notebook or that horrible new hard animal she rests on her lap and massages constantly budge up, then it's on the lap I like to be. Right now, it's not easy for her, but I don't mind that, I am resting across her lap, my head on her left forearm, and she's tapping away on that infernal machine, but at least I got the place on her lap. Score one for Trixie!

Things have changed around here. She figures it's for the better. Big changes. She sent me off to the kennels for two weeks, and when I came home, everywhere smelled different. All the walls were different. Anywhere I'd rubbed against had lost my smell. My bed was here, my bowl, and the faithful old couch in the living-room (am I hearing right? Is she talking about dumping that too?), but in the study, where the best snuggling couch is - I couldn't get at it. There were boxes. There were shelves out of place. There was mayhem.... And Then... she sent me back to the kennels, and when she brought me home a few days later, my world had shifted from under me. All the floors were different. I mean ALL! Nowhere with my scent on it at all. Well, excuse me... is this my house? Am I entitled to know it? I think so, so I did what dogs do. She was not happy. We're having a little game at the moment. I'm restricting myself to hard floors, though, and there are more of them. She can hear me move about now. Knows where I am at every minute, because my nails go clack-clack like high heels on the hallway and living-room floors.

Ah. I'll get used to it. She keeps saying we needed the change - words like clearing and closure, and new starts keep appearing. I'm inclined to want things to be like they always have been. It's got its good points, though. She wants to be home more now that the walls and floors are done. She still has boxes to shift in the study, so while I can't get at the couch, I'm allowed to sit here, right here, on her lap, while she does her Blog thing.... Sorry, while I dictate for my Blog Thing. See you all later.... OH... and my canine friends, I'm doing a survey. Do any of you actually like those Christmas-tree things? Let me know. I still can't make up my mind.


At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll get used to it. My terriers did the of the scent thing with our new house. Please do try to stay on the hard's just more polite..and easier on her...Humans are an odd lot about there carpets.

Dont go out with out a sweater. Have a good christmas!!and don't drink the tree water. It's bad for you!


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